Memorial Tree Plantings

Thank you for your consideration in honoring a loved one by having a tree planted in their memory.
Please note:
Trees are not planted at a cemetery or funeral home location.

Trees are planted in forests that have the greatest need based on fires, drought, or long term planning. Each tree is planted by third party professionals who keep a register of the plantings and are overseen and assessed by foresters on the grounds.

The selections include a wide range of trees that are native to the specific region throughout the country.

You will receive a digital certificate, customized with your loved ones name and the name of the person making the gift.

Trees and Climate

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the health of our planet. And while it will take many solutions working together to make a difference, trees are the proven, affordable, natural way that can be implemented quickly to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere today. Every tree planted is a step in the right direction.

Trees and Biodiversity

Healthy forests, whether in natural or urban spaces, are key to the health of some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Trees support wildlife and aquatic life by providing habitat and helping to keep waterways healthy. This ensures that ecosystem balance can be maintained and biodiversity can thrive.