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Lux Funeral Home & Cremation Services excels at helping families create unique experiences for memorializing a loved one. Whether in addition to a traditional service or as a standalone service, we can create something that distinctly celebrates the life and interests of a person.

A unique life celebration can involve secular music, live performances, poetry readings, homemade food, or anything else you can imagine.

The presence of a loved one’s interests and even personal items can make these services extremely powerful and uplifting. It can be as simple as having items from a hobby or interest present, or can involve an activity like sharing recipes or writing and collecting memories to share with everyone.

Our staff is here to help you imagine possibilities.

Please call and talk to one of our caring staff to learn more (830) 624-0500.

It’s important to take the time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the deceased: the individuality of their personality, and the uniqueness of their life’s path. Not just for them, but for you; it affirms the relationship, and leads to healing after loss. Honoring their life is truly an act of love – for the both of you.
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