Alden Pierce Wine

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Alden Pierce Wine

April 13, 2007 – April 9, 2024

With heavy hearts but steadfast faith, we celebrate the remarkable life of Alden Pierce Wine, who fearlessly met his Lord and Savior on Tuesday, April 9th, 2024. Alden was born to Chris and Valerie Wine on April 13th, 2007, in Laguna Hills, California. He was the baby of three and deeply loved his siblings Owen and Ella.

Alden grew up in Coastal Southern California, where he spent most of his days outdoors on adventures with friends. He had a zest for life and wanted to learn about everything. Evident by his wide array of interests, including teaching himself how to ride a unicycle and play the keyboard, Alden’s spirit of exploration knew no bounds. His love for travel kicked off with a trip to Alaska in 2019, and from then on, he couldn’t get enough time to explore new places and meet new people. Alongside his adventurous spirit, Alden excelled academically, particularly in Math, History, and Geography, showcasing his keen intellect and thirst for knowledge.

In 2021, the Wine family embarked on a new journey, leaving their roots in California along with 25 other families, to help establish Compass Bible Church Hill Country in New Braunfels. Alden, with his characteristic fearlessness, embraced this change, starting his freshman year at Davenport High School. He immersed himself in various activities, including JV football, Tech theater, and piano studies.

Fueled by his passion for exploring the world, he transferred as a junior to Comal Academy to fast-track his graduation and embark on his greatest adventure yet as a travel vlogger. His goal was to journey to every continent and ultimately land in Brazil. He was beginning his dream and had already started producing videos on his YouTube Channel.

For almost a year, he worked with the most wonderful crew at Chick-fil-A on 46, where he was a backhouse cook alongside many of his closest friends. When he wasn’t at school or work, you could find him at Compass Bible Church’s Wednesday Night Youth Group or meeting with his small group on Sunday nights. Last year, Alden found peace from a lifelong battle with the fear of dying when he surrendered his life to God in Christ. His newfound peace was evident to all who knew him.

Alden’s legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched – his friends, classmates, coworkers, church family, and extensive relatives. He is survived by his devoted mother, Valerie, his loving father, Chris, and his cherished older siblings, Owen and Ella.

As we bid farewell to Alden, we invite all who knew and loved him to join us in honoring his memory at his funeral service on Thursday, April 18th, at 10 am, held at Compass Bible Church, 2415 Lifehaus Industrial Drive, New Braunfels. Let us gather to celebrate a life lived with passion, purpose, and unwavering faith, knowing that Alden’s spirit will continue to inspire us all.

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  1. i knew alden in the sixth grade. i remember him being the most sweetest and caring kid to me when no one else really liked me. he was so funny and made everyone laugh whenever they needed it. fly high alden. i miss u.

  2. I did not know this handsome young man but am so sorry for the tragic loss of his young life. Praying for the family at this most difficult time knowing he is with Jesus in heaven to help give them strength and peace. 🙏🏻

  3. I just found out this morning that Alden was gone. I can’t even express how I feel, mostly because I can’t understand what to feel.
    I never knew him really well, but during the five months that I had been at Compass church, Alden was one of very few people who made me feel not only welcome, but important. Just two months ago we both joined our youth groups for an event called “D-Now”, and during this time I had been going through years worth of emotional trauma that spun in me like a hurricane.
    I remember sitting on the couch in our guest home, alone, away from the group, on the verge of depression because I felt like an outcast. Just then, Alden came down the stairs and sat with me. He told me, “Hey, Nicholas, I’m sorry for how we treated you earlier… but I want you to know you’re not alone. Those guys up there – they might sound like real jerks, but that’s just the way they act with their friends. I don’t want you to be down here, all alone. Come upstairs, have some fun with us – and hey, even though it seems like they’re being rude, they’re just trying to let you know that you’re their friend. We care about you – you’re like a brother to us.”
    The truest thing I’d ever heard. Not even my own brothers had made me feel so welcome. God gave Alden a heart of compassion. Because of him, I felt wanted – important. I got to know those guys as if they really were my brothers, and that’s how I shall always remember him.
    Many people call themselves Christians; many claim they shall see heaven; many believe they are saved through their works; however, I’ve have seen many seen many of these, and almost all will never see the gates, for narrow is the road to heaven – very narrow. I doubt many, but if there is one man that I have seen in my lifetime who I know beyond doubt is rejoicing in heaven right now, THIS IS HIM.
    We love Alden, and will forever remember him. I hope to see him again one day. May God in heaven bless those through his work. Amen.

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