Justin Miles Schmidt

justin schmidt
Justin Miles Schmidt passed away unexpectedly on Friday, February 15, 2013 in San Antonio at the age of 28. Justin was born on May 25, 1984 in New Braunfels to Terry Abbott and Marlene E. Schmidt. Justin was a plumber for most of his professional career. Survivors include: Daughter: Skyelynn Schmidt of Sweetwater, TX Mother: Marlene E Schmidt of New Braunfels, TX Sister: Cheyenne Jones and her father, Rodney Jones and cousin, William Lewis of Austin, TX Maternal Grandmother: Lola Murphy of Marion, TX Uncle: John E. Schmidt and Family of New Braunfels, TX Aunt: Charlene Stringer and Family of Seguin, TX Aunt: Linda Northam and Family of McQueeney, TX Aunt: Colleen Slater and Family of Bulverde, TX Aunt: Sheila McCreight and husband Mike of Victoria, TX Aunt: Kathy Schmidt and Family of Marion, TX Father: Terry Abbott of Helotes, TX Sister: Terra L. Abbott of Helotes, TX Paternal Grandparents: Joyce Howard and Bennie Janysek of Marble Falls, TX Uncle: Steve Abbott and son, Atrau Stephenson Abbott and Family of Helotes, TX. Public visitation will be held from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Friday, February 22, 2013 at the Lux Funeral Home Chapel with funeral services to follow at 2:00 PM. Cremation will follow at the conclusion of the funeral service.

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  1. Hey Justin, “although its been a few years since the last time I saw you I’ll never forget the good memories that are branded to my brain! You are survived by an amazing family to whom I send my deepest condolences and blessings to at this time of need. Love always your cousin Brandin S. Spicer

  2. Justin, I was reminiscing the other day when we took a trip with your mom in her big van- the one with the velvet seats and it turned into a bed. We loved that van. Good times! And all the trips to Abilene with Grandma. And most of all fishing with grandpa in the back woods catching catfish haha. You are missed an loved

  3. Justin I love you and I wish that you were still going to be here to make more memories with. You’ve always been like my lil brother and we have had so many great times together over the years and I will cherish every one of them. Just yesterday I was thinking I just want to hear his voice and that laugh one more time and as I was going through my voicemail I found two messages saved from you and I am so thankful for that. I miss you already more than you know. Love you always!

  4. Justin ill always remember the connection we shared . I’m thankful to have known you the last almost 20 years of my life. Will never forget you picking me up on your dirt bike when we were kids and the great conversations we’ve had along the way. My heart breaks that your gone but I know we will meet again one day. Thank you for your last words to me ill never erase them:) my love and prayers go out to your mom and sister and everyone that was so lucky to have known your charming spirit. Ill miss you

  5. i did not see you for 2 years befor about a month ago but we still stayed in touch we were pretty close. i love you so much seeing you for the first time in a long time made my heart pound so hard and so fast of hope, faith, love, happniess that ment everthing to me you have no clue these past couple weeks that you were staying with me were amazing iv had all my most cherished memories with you being with me. being with you always made me so happy, happier then anytime in my hole life i loved you dearly and i kno you loved me too. i just wish you were still here for me to tell you all this and talk to you heaar your voice just one more time and see your face and being able to hug you. i will NEVER forget you you will be in my heart forever and i hope someday mabe i will see you again. love your little sister forever.

  6. Justin, I wish we could have caught up on things more often. sucks so bad that your gone. You will always be remembered

  7. My heart I’d with all of this through this toatlly wrong and messed up time but myprayers are for his sister and daughter i love u all

  8. Justin my beautiful baby boy and loving son, I miss you so much. I am so proud of you and your newfound opportunities that had come your way. It was your time to shine!! I just met your “partner” , Ray of RAU Builders for the first time. He told me you two were gonna hit the bigtime!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I miss your cooking and your love and our close relationship we have. You are my heart my soul and my first and last thought everyday. It seems impossible to go on without you in our lives. Cheyenne is my rock and i am hers. She and I are going to get thru with the love and support of everyone Justin knew and the lives he touched! There has been a tremendous outpouring of support and love for justin and I am not surprised. He is a great man, my little guy who had a fantastic personality and knockout charisma. Thank you EVERYONE far and wide. I sincerely appreciate all your kindness and enjoy these stories. Please tell me more. I would love to hear them all. Justin I will be awaiting your tender nudge to let me know your ok. We had some great times and I miss that. Bye BABY BOY J!!

  9. Justin, you have been an amazing cousin to me and to everyone else. We always had fun together when I would run into your arms after not seeing you and you would swing me around. I love you so much but didnt have time to say it that much. I miss you a ton! You have no idea. We would always haw fun camping or at Aunt Kathy’s ranch. You never know how much time you have with someone and we all should have cherished out moments together. I love you Justin.

  10. Justin you will b so missed your smile that your daughter has and your kindness to me and Rex, your BBQ that was out of this world and your laughing. Our plans of you coming up will not b but I hope you watch over us all now that you are a Angel, your time was done and god thought he needed you more then us.We won’t forget you, your memory will always b with us and we won’t let Skyelyn forget you and when she wants to see you I will have pictures or all she has to do is look in the minor she looks so much like you.You are to young to b gone so many needed you and Skyelyn so needs you and your mom.Thank you for treating me right and for giving me a beautiful granddaughter. Check in on us every now and then See you one day on the other side We love you so much God take care of him for us

  11. Justin, I already miss you. It’s hard knowing that someone who was so close to me is gone now, you were as close to me as a brother. I’ll miss that warm smile you would give when we Would see eachother. Rest in peace Justin, I love you.

  12. Justin, Ive never met a more charismatic, charming, life loving man. I dont know how to say what I feel about these days ahead, but I do know Ill miss you tremendously. I always felt a certain understanding when we talked about lives and paths we take. Quite the deep convos a few times. I will always cherish those. Please know Ill be around always. Chey and your mom will always carry you with them and share everything with Skye. Shine on dude.


  14. Justin, what can I say except I did and still do have alot of love for you. I will always remember the good and there is a alot of good to remember. The fun times with you, Jake, Casey and Josh when you we all growing up. All having a good time one minute and then squaring off against each other the next minute.The time you spent fishing with Jake in that John boat catching some really nice bass, throwing a wild cast and hooking each other from time to time. Now I can see you fishing in heaven without a care in the world just knowing that that big one is just about to hit your line. I always wanted the best for you and I hope that you found it. All of your family will be watching out for your mom, Chyenne and Skylin. Love you, Aunt Linda

  15. Justin it hurts to say your name or look at your picture but when I do i smile at your handsome chisled looks and boyish charm. I hear your giggle in your daughter and see that long eyelashed hooded smirk in your sister. I remember you too as a baby and how you were plump and round and smiling all the time. I wanted to help you and feel like I failed you. having been where you were I wonder why I was not able to do a better job. I read something this weekend that is the only answer I have that satisfies this horrible sense of loss. It is said somewhere that “God takes us at our best.” and that when it is time to join him and he is finished and satisified that child he takes you home. Now I know Justin, you were at your best and now it was time. I wait for that day that I look to the sky and see a double falling star. One will be large and the other smaller and trailing the first but laughing and giggling across the sky. Happy and home till I see you next. I cherish too the thought that when it is my turn to enter i can reach for your hand and know that we did not fail you. That our love created the completion God was waiting for in you. Goodbye for now Justin

  16. As a mother my heart hurts to think about losing your child and I can not begin to know how you must feel Aunt Marlene…just the other day before I even heard the news I was thinking about Justin. Bryn was riding her Barbie car and it reminded me of Justin, Lisa, and I riding around in his blue and gray jeep. Lol puts a smile on my face thinking about those childhood memories. Justin and us had so much fun on Alves lane in that back field spying on our crazy neighbor haha! Hold on to those memories when you miss him and remember the great times we all had with him. Those memories will forever be with us all. We love you!

  17. Hi my son. Another day has come and gone. Cheyenne and I had a good visit with the family and we laughed out loud about some of the things you did. Then we cried and hugged each other as we each spoke about you and that laugh! We shared good memories. Like the time you boys got us kicked out of Port Aransas hotel. It was grandma, kathy and me trying to keep up with all you boys. Yall went to the hotel NEXT door, not our hotel, and put the pool chairs into the pool and caused a ruckus. You little devils ran back to our hotel got caught and they told us to leave! We laughed but it always ended with a cry. I still can’t believe your not going to call me or walk in this door. I cherish you dearly in my heart, soul and mind! Good Night Buddy…Sleep With The Angels!

  18. I can remember the day we met. You were 8 maybe. And i was 10. You tried to convince me you were 12 and i just laughed and laughed. And we were so close after that. I thought of you as my baby brother. You kept me going through life’s tough times and you made my teen years too much fun. Always a good laugh! I’m sorry I didn’t write you back in time. It will be one of my biggest regrets. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. You will be missed dearly by so many. I hope you have now found peace. I am praying for you and your family. Been missing you for a while. I guess I’ll just have to wait a lil longer to see you again. But I look forward to it. Xoxoxo jms

  19. My heart goes out to your family.I have not seen you in years but from what i remember you were a pretty good kid. May you rest in piece. Marlene my prayers are with you in your time of need.

  20. Mann!! My brother I’m still in shock that you’re gone but not forgotten as I sit and remeness when we were inseparable as kids playing POG’S and you trying to teach me how to ride you’re dirt bike giving teacher’s hell in school Mann it’s hard to say goodbye Bro one luv I will never forget you. My condolences to each one of the family members take care and God bless

  21. Justin Im pretty sure your up ther with daddy fishing, but my heart is hurting so deep that your not here. Its not fair that you had to leave us at 28 and that we will have to go on without you. Expecially Lil Skye. That little girl worshipped her DADDY. What a precious little girl she is. When I look at her I can’t help seeing you. All of the memories I have of you as a kid are some of my best !! The way you Casey, Josh and Jacob were always finding ways to have fun that mostly led to mischief. Lol . Marlene, Cheyenne and lil Skye, my heart is breaking for yall. Words cannot express the deep sorrow and pain that I feel. I WILL MISS YOU SWEET JUSTIN, AS WE ALL WILL. I WILL BE WATCHING FOR YOUR BRIGHT AND SHINING STAR. RIP J

  22. Justin, this ole world is really tough for someone as sensitive and giving as you. And it hard to make your way with so many roadblocks. You did the best you could but God decided you deserved better. I know we weren’t as close as some of other aunt’s but I feel part of my heart went with you and I’m glad it did. Keep it there. That part now belongs to you. Love you, Aunt Charlee

  23. I will never forget my childhood memories with you. I remember you always comming to my house on your dirt bike. I will never forget the time you let me drive it all by myself and I crashed right into the bushes,and we just busted out laughing!! Good times a few days before you left us you commented on a picture on my facebook,and I will always remember those last few words we sent to eachother. You will be missed friend

  24. Marlene – I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My prayers go out to you and your family. Be strong and remember the wonderful years you shared with Justin. Jamie Rutherford Butler

  25. Hey cousin, it hurts my heart that I will not be there today with our family to see you one last time, but I know the best part of you has already gone with the angels. I wanted to leave my last little thoughts with you today- as I think about all our crazy times as cousins with lexie and josh when we rode your dirt bike and ran over Aunt Marlene’s banana trees haha she was so mad, or all the fishing trips with grandpa in seguin in the ponds by his house all us cousins and uncle Johnny would caught catfish and little perch all day. You were always a little mischief child trying to break all the rules especially when grandma would watch us. I can hear her saying ” now Justin get down from that tree, don’t make me come after you” such a kind sweet heart that could weasel his way out of anything. You just had a way of everyone loving you and now it’s time to love everyone back from above. We love and miss you, now go on and go fish with grandpa

  26. Justin, you were an amazing person and I’m so sorry that your life was cut so short…I will always remember the last time we were together..great memory… Rest in peace, and I can’t wait til the day I get to see your smile again… <3

  27. Justin, today we said goodbye to your presense on earth, but not to your presense in our hearts. In our hearts you will live forever. Aunt Linda

  28. Justin It took only an instant to realize this baby boy ,my first grandson was going to be a precious love to me. We spend a lot happy visits together just you and Nana. I can hardly describe the love I felt for you.I was so happy hugging and kissing you ,,you were so loveable..I was always so proud of you. So many loving memories I have of us together,,like when we were at the lake fishing , when you made that unforgettable statement ,, you hadn’t had a bite yet, and becoming inpatient so you put down your pole and said ( “I don”t have time for this”) you were about 4yrs. old,, boy did you ever learn to love fishing.,the time your dad, you and I and uncle Steve all went to the Blanco Ranch to go horse back riding . I was so panicky on that horse and you came to my side and took the reins to assure me I would be safe..You rode so good at such an early age..I think you were 9 years old then.. I had so many hopes and dreams for your future. Time went by and all of a sudden you were a grown man and we still loved each other dearly I cherish those times also… I”m tearfully saying goodbye to you today on this earth. God choose to take His loved one Home. We will be together again when we join in Heaven my beloved grandson..You will forever be in my heart.. I beg you Lord in your kindness to have pity on the soul of Justin . Grant him now freed of this life”s dangers, a place of lasting safety and comfort in Your merciful arms forever. I ask this through Christ our Lord.amen Your Nana forever.

  29. hey there Justin im at school right now and i keep hearing your name here and i keep having flash backs i just miss you so much. i love you and i know more time goes by ill miss you even more. i just wish i could have helped you more i would have done anything i possibly could for you and you knew that. i just don’t understand why you didn’t come to me like you usually do you would be straight up with me about everything. i just wanted to be able to help and i just wanted to tell you that. i love you Justin and will miss you so much ill miss how you would back me up and protect me from anything and how you cred so much for me and for everyone. everyone will miss you tremendously. love your little sister (: (:

  30. Its hard to believe that you have been gone 10 days now Justin here on earth. I am so sad that I can’t see your face or hear your voice. I feel you though all around us trying to give me signs that you’re ok. I think about you as a baby and how adorable you were. That smile and those dimples you are so precious to me. If I could hold you again I would love that. Please help us get through this Justin because I don’t know what to do. I will try my best to do the right thing for your daughter and sisters. I’m not as strong as you. You had alot of confidence in everything you did. You are an amazing person Justin and I will never ever wakeup without you on my mind. So many people loved you son as I did. I’ll see you one day I know I will that’s all I have to look forward to. Bye my beautiful baby boy Justin! Momma

  31. at school thinking of you again i cant get you out of my head and in a way i dont want to you always made me happy (: i think of you every morning thinking dang i wish i could go in your room again and wake you up and give you a big hug before i leave for school and you would drive me to my bus stop and make friends with everyone in like 2 mins everyone loved you. i miss you so much.

  32. ya know…. it seems time is ticking by but I dont see it passing. Im so incredibly sad, I dont know how to help your mom, or sisters, I just know that we miss you so much. Not a moment goes by that we dont talk about you. stay close in spirit as we all need to feel your presence to wake up each day and continue the process. its hard. I hate it here without you. I wanna hear “hey trish!” again… but the silence is overwhelming somedays. RIP Justin

  33. Man bro i dont even know where to begin. First of all please forgive me for not being there. I wasnt able to protect you. It seems tho as we got older you were doing all the protecting. I tried for so long to shield you from the harshness and brutality of this world no matter what. You always went out and did it anyway but you always asked me before. Tenacity. Boy u were full of it from the time we were kids. We had a good run bro. Never a dull moment. No matter how mad i got at you i could never really be mad at you. At times we were all each other had others we were never that far apart. We liked the same things and together we left skid marks. Some good some bad. People couldnt understand why u and i were so tight and i would tell them they would never understand. And they wouldnt. Nobody did and thats what made us unseperable. Never yours or mine. Always OURS. Except for women of course. You were the only real brother i ever had and for that im grateful. I was so proud of you. You were so special in so many ways. I could be mad at the world and u or john would just look at me funny and thats all it took. We just had that unspoken bond and didnt have to even say anything and was like we just had a full blown conversation. Crazy. You will never be gone to me bro. Youll always be with me. And i know ull still leave your mark in one way or another. U had a knack for persuasion. And the stories. Always got bigger and better but never seemed to get old. Our conversation. Yeah ill miss that but more than that my roll dawg. I could always trust you even when others couldnt. But i think they were just jealous. I will fufill our promise and will look out for ur mom sister and esp ur daughter. Ur nephew is 7 years old today. Yeah man. If u could donate ur heart it wouls be enough for 10 people. I love you bro so wont ever say goodbye just Solong. Till next time be easy lil brother.

  34. Well Justin it’s been 28 days now and it feels like yesterday we were just talking about life, your daughter and your new job. You and I had a long conversation about your future and how I was so proud of you. I begged you to stay clear of Terry who’s life isn’t as rich as ours, who would only bring you down if he could. You did an excellent job. Your only mistake was trying to have a relationship that should of been yours. A mistake of just being there for those few days was your only fault. They should have PROTECTED and loved you like we did….your life was here with us, as it had ALWAYS been. We had it all! I miss you waking up and cooking a big breakfast for us all or just watching tv with you. Your beloved dog Red misses you too! Your room is filled with so many memories here. Good memories! There are still so many people mourning your passing that they are still calling and coming by just to be closer to you here. I haven’t been able to come to grips with all this yet, but I am working on that. I Love you Justin, “May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hands”. Shine Bright, Fly Free my son. Ttyl!

  35. Hello Justin my precious son. I want to say Happy 29th Birthday to you. I know you will be with us on this special day in our hearts and souls. We will eat some cake, remenisce about our good times with you and maybe I could smile for awhile. I miss you soooo much. Chey misses you and I’m sure Red is wondering where you are. He is fine and getting old. I know he will see you before anyone else does. I hope your souring high and enjoying God’s loving embrace. I invision your soul souring and hovering around us to watch over and protect us. I know your loving arms are surrounding Skye too. I think about all your birthdays and how you were such a happy baby and cute little boy. I remember all the good times we had and the laughter as you grew into a wonderfull person. There are so many people who still call and let me know that they haven’t forgotten about you. They miss you too. I want you to know that I feel your presence and know that you are near. I wish you were here Justin but God has a plan for you. I will see you again I know this. But for now we will celebrate your birth, life and your beautiful soul. I love you son, Happy Birthday! You were always a momma’s boy just like you said! Bye for now, Love Always, Mom

  36. I know it has been years since your passing, but still your name comes up constantly when im sharing stories from back in the day. Depsite the fact that we parted ways long ago, i always look back on the days when we all lived d right down the street from eachother as some of the best times i had growing up. Ill never forget you, John, and Matt ….inseperable, always pulling pranks on everyone, laughing and messing around…never a dull moment. We love you we miss you and you will never be forgotten. Molly Simecki

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