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  1. Lee Roy Frazier was considered my step dad, he was actually my loving and caring dad as well as husband of my mom Eunice Frazier and dad of my three brothers Jason, Jonathan, and Michael Frazier . I’m sorry that I do not know the full list of names of all of my dad’s birth family however he does have one living full blood sister, Barbara Ann of which was a constant subject of great love from my dad via story telling and his constant desire of his to visit. My dad also has two other children he always mentioned with great love, Darla and Doug. Of course he has a good number of grand children and various other kin folks, and certainly I can not begin to think of how many friends are left behind. My dad had it easy to make friends with most anyone he came across, he enjoyed so much to make people smile if only through various joke telling.

  2. My grandpa was one of the sweetest men I ever met. Always making people laugh with his silly jokes. Drawing his wonderful pictures. Grandpa l will never forget you teaching me how to fish, takin me to six flags and showing me insight on the world. Save a place in Heaven for me. I love you so much.

  3. grandpa was a good man I loved the summers times I got to be with going fishing was are thing he was funny and all around a good soul I will miss u grandpa but I know when I look up and the stars u are there give my dad a hug for me and don’t make the Angels laugh to hard your grandson Adam

  4. Tribute to a great man and loving father and friend. You’ve taught me so many things from cooking, how to drive, and being respectful and good to others, and trying to bring happiness, and laughter to everyone. You taught me how to fish like so many others, and was a great father and grandfather. I will miss you more than I could ever express, and love you very much. Put in a good word for me to the big guy upstairs, and I’ll see you again someday. But until then RIP and know you are very loved by all who’s lives you’ve touched, and your family and friends. You’ll always be with me.. Love you pop! <3

  5. I knew you for quite a few years and you were a really funny and talented man. You will always be remembered, by family and friends and family friends.

  6. Uncle Lee Roy never once called to talk to us without sharing a joke or two. He loved to make people laugh. My mom, his baby sister likes to tell the story of how when he was younger he would go to every church in town just to make sure he was saved.He was preceded in death by his baby brother Robert Charles Frazier,a stillborn. His father Robert Frazier,his mother Alice Patchin Frazier Ewald,and his brother Fred Frazier.In addition to his wife,children and grandchildren he is survived by a sister Barbara Ann Samples and her family in WV and a half brother Bob Frazier of Texas. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends!

  7. I couldn’t had asked for a better dad. I could only ask if it be possible I could be as good of a dad as Lee Roy Frazier was to me. We have had are ups and down like any family but, he was always there to protect me in times of need. He listened to my troubles and sincerely, cared to help make me laugh during troubling times. I am going to miss that most of all about my dad and that is how he always wanted to make people around him smile and be happy. I’ll be seeing you around dad, when my heart misses you. I love you very much, and will see you on the other side.

  8. So sorry to hear of Lee Roys passing…he was always so sweet to me and made me feel welcomed to his family. I have many memories including his creativity and his silly ways of joking around. Little things meant a lot to him. His willingness to share what he had. Love and peace to his family.

  9. One of the best Dad’s, you could ever ask for, my Dad, and my Grandpa Frazier, that lived in Premont Texas, that lived on a ranch, when i remember, when me and my Dad, went to go visit my grandpa, in Premont, and my grandpa telling me, when i drove is Tan F-150 pickup, to go get lunch, for them, when my dad, and, my grandpa, were welding, on a cattle pin, and doing a welding project together on, so, my grandpa, could sell is cows, because my grandpa was in is 70’s were, he couldn’t take care of is cattle know more, that he sold in 1990 but, i’m the only son, my dad took me, to go see my grandpa again, in 1989 and me, and my grandpa, and my Dad, and Randy, all went on a fishing trip together, in Randy’s bass boat, i remember, when Randy, had to turn the boat around, in the Rio Grand lake, when is cap, blew off, is head, because Randy was driving his bass boat, across the Rio Grand lake, going 75 miles, a hour, when he, was driving is boat, and, my dad my grandpa, and Randy, when we all, went on a fishing trip, in 1989, we end up, catching over 400 catfish, and, i went camping with my dad at river road camp ground, with my 2 other brothers, Michael, and Johnathan, and, are dad, showed us, how to cook marshmallow, sticking a marshmallow, on a tree stick, and sticking them, over the camp fire, and my brother Clyde, and i, and my 2 other brothers, went deer hunting, a-lot together, when, we were younger, i really think, that my relative Tony. that lives in West Virginia, and, married to my cousin Jill. that live in West Virginia, he would had fun, being with my grandpa Frazier, and my dad, because Tony. loves, to go deer hunting, like my dad, and my grandpa Frazier, love to do, they both, loved the outdoors, on fishing, and deer hunting, so, i do have a-lot of great memories, of my dad, and, once, my mom, and my dad, and me, and my younger brother, Michael. and, my sister-in-law, Sherry, all, went to the casino, together, we all, had a-lot of fun together, at the casino, in Louisiana, of Lake Charles, and me and my dad, were on the casino boat, and my dad, was losing money, on the slot machine, so he told me, i see you later, i’m going to take a break, from the slot machines, and go back to the hotel room, and, i told my dad, on the casino boat, you can’t get off the casino boat, to go back to the hotel room, and my dad, ask me, why, can’t i go back to the room, and get off the casino boat, and i told my dad, were, out, in the water, far from shore, away from the deck, to get off the casino boat, and, i told my dad, if you get off the casino boat, i hope, you can swim, and my dad, thought, i was joking with him, until, he found out, when he was going out the front entrance, off the casino boat, we were both on, then my dad told me, and realize, i was not playing a prank on him, then, me and my brother Clyde. went on another casino trip together, in Kendale county, at castua casino, in Louisiana, so me, and, and my Nephew. Adam, Jessie, Bubba Michael, Randy, and my nieces. Angel, Kerri, Cheyanna, and Sabrina, and my 2 half brothers. Clyde, and Doug, and my half sister. Darla, got to spend, some great times together, as family, when are dad, was living, and i will still, cherish, these great moments, and memories, with my relatives.

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