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michael noble
On Monday, September 5, 2022, Michael “Mike” Allen Noble, 51, of New Braunfels, TX, loving husband and father of three children, was called to Heaven. Mike was born on June 2, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of Cathleen and James Noble. On July 3, 1999, he married the love of his life, Lori Powell, in Woodstock, IL. Mike’s Chicago roots ran deep. After moving to Texas, Mike and Lori enjoyed finding Chicago style eateries as a way to fondly remember their time in Chicago. Together they had three beautiful children Madison, Keith, and Allison. Mike enjoyed cheering on his children at their sporting events and in their academic endeavors. Mike enjoyed participating in team sports and was a diehard Chicago Cub and Michigan Wolverine fan. Go Blue! Most important to Mike was spending time with friends and family. Being quick witted, he was always ready with a joke or story that could light up any room. People were naturally drawn to his fun loving and caring personality. Mike is survived by his wife, Lori Noble, and his children Madison, Keith, and Allison Noble. Mike is preceded in death by his parents Cathleen and James Noble, his brother, Brian Noble, and his grandparents, Harold and Irene Hamilton. A memorial service will be held at 1pm on Saturday, September 17th at Gruene United Methodist Church in New Braunfels. To honor Mike for his love of the Michigan Wolverines please wear blue and maize to the service.

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  1. There are so many to share and most are entirely to inappropriate for this, but the memories I’ll cherish the most is when Mike would come over to hang out on the back porch. It would quickly turn into him sitting on the ground and drawing caulk with my Daughter. He would completely ignore me and give all his attention to make sure she had the best time whenever he was around. We will miss Uncle Olble (she couldn’t say Noble yet) and how happy she would get the moment she saw him.

  2. Remembering you and Michael Noble in our minds and in our hearts. Please accept our condolences. Turner Construction, Houston, SAT, Dallas and Austin

  3. Mike and our neighborhood grew up together until one by one we all moved away. I have so many fond memories and glad he and I connected again on FB so I could once again remember his witty sense of humor and see what a wonderful family he has. My prayers are with you.

  4. 🤍🤍🤍 I remember when we went to see you at the Nutcracker & he screamed really loud “That’s my wife!” He loved you and was never afraid to show it 🤍 Sending you hugs!

  5. He was a wonderful man and his love for you and the girls was so easy to see. Sending you all love and prayers.

  6. Mike was a great man with a huge heart. We will miss the conversations when he would stop by any time we were outside.

  7. I knew Michael Noble from elementary school (Patrick Henry). He found me on Facebook several years ago. I loved seeing all the crazy posts and pictures of your family. My son just bought his playstation a few months back. I am so heart broken for your family. Prayers and hugs for all of you.

  8. Mike just messaged me a couple of weeks ago as he picked up one of my son’s jerseys while he was at a sports memorabilia show in Houston. He was so excited to show it to me. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this incredibly difficult time.

  9. In honor of Mikey, I won’t make this sappy; but I will say that he loved to be the one person to make you the center of a joke; was pretty darn funny unless you were “being a pansy”..lol Loved watching old 80 movies with him and Brian at Grammie MiMi’s. Heres to long days outside in the yard burning stuff, swimming in crystal lake. (Tina will forever remember her boomerang story). Thanks for breaking the MOLD and making the rest of us look good. Will miss you a ton CUZ!

    Added a few picture of Lori and Mike and Maddie/with baby Keith, for what we have here.

  10. Although I never got the pleasure to meet you, Michael.
    I have been honored through your wonderful love of your life Lori, to hear all of the amazing qualities you had and all of your hilarious jokes and stories! Every time Lori said “So guess what Mike said/did” I would automatically have a smile on my face because I knew it would be something funny. I will forever be grateful and honored to have known about you, you are so very much loved by many and you will be missed dearly. My Husband and I thank you from afar for being so helpful and caring to us, we will never forget your big heart, kindness and generosity.
    Cheers to you Mike! GO BLUE!

    Love, Jiny & Juan Soto

  11. Michael, RIP! You were always a wonderful man on and off the diamond! Thoughts and prayers to your family.
    Love, Donelson

  12. I’m so sorry to hear of your passing, Mike!! There are things that will forever be synonymous with you. Boons, football, and Fiestas! You were such a big part of my teen years, I’ll never forget you.
    Fly high and rest easy!


  13. Mike was a good one. So many years, so many memories. So many conversational conversations, so many embarrassing moments, so much honest, fun loving ball busting that only guys that spend years of quality time together would understand.Mike Noble you will be missed…RIP Brother.

  14. The laughter in the world got a little softer this week. Mike had a huge heart and a larger than life personality. If you were around him he would stick on you like glue with his magnetic personality. Haley and I will forever miss him! Rest in peace Michael Noble until we meet again.

    Story: The ride home from Kentucky we’re on the highway he announced that he wrote “for a good time call Chris..with your number” on the back of the car. You started spazing to stop the car..than your phone rang and out loud you said “I don’t recognize this number “. Top 5 Posse moment..I can still feel how bad my stomach hurt from laughing. Ahhh great times

    Story: He took a swing at me..missed by an inch. We always laughed about it..he would say if it connected it would have been like King Kong hitting me🤣🤣

    Story: league night he showed up a couple times in the outfit(for his other teams) claiming he was Julius Ceasar but better looking?

  15. We lost a really really good one the other day. To some he was a knuckle head. But to those who really knew him, he was the kind of person you would have been blessed to have had in your life. He would have done anything for a friend, and for the family he loved with all his heart. He was a hoot to be around and always had something funny to say. For probably close to 2 years of my life, I probably talked with Nobes on the phone more than anyone else. He was probably a big part of the reason behind my $300+ cell phone bills back in the day. Boy do I wish could have those days back.

    I’ve no idea where the years have gone, or when the last time was that I saw him, but when I posted about the difficulty of dropping Amanda off at college a month ago, he called to see how we were. A week ago, he texted to ask how everyone here was doing with Amanda off to college, because he really cared. He told me to say hello to my dad, aka pops, aka g-man, aka senior, because he cared. I’ve shed some tears since learning he passed and have no doubt that I’ll shed more.

    Mike was a big part of our Posse team as he lIved for us and loved all of us. Those couple years playing with him and the Posse were probably the most fun I had during my softball career and he was a big part of it. God did I have some serious laughs with him!!! Of course now after the fact, I wish I had spoken more with him recently then I had.

    RIP #44, until we meet again my old friend. I love and miss you brother, you really were one of the good ones!!!!

  16. Michael Noble was the nicest guy. Always reached out even after he moved. Always checking on how we were doing and yes how we’re doing after Amanda Lisi was dropped off to school. He touched so many peoples lives and will be missed more than he’ll know. You were taken way too soon but know that you were truly a gift from above. ❤️🙏🏻

  17. Just found out a old friend and teammate passed away . Michael your up there now on the field in the sky look to the sidelines for your thunder brothers god speed my friend T4L

  18. Lost a friend that was OG Thunder this past week. GOD SPEED Michael Noble ❤️. You’re up in the heavens now and playing the game you love with no pain. And up there you will never “need a taaaackle”.

    For those that don’t know Mike was only about 5’8” and maybe 220 pounds but was one of the BEST damn Offensive linemen I ever played behind. A phenomenally gifted wrestler he was able to take on guys 100# heavier than him and still protect my slow ass.

    Rest easy 56

  19. Cubs vs Sox .. ND vs Michigan… Don’t know how we got along. Michael Noble you will be missed. I’m glad you got those extra years to watch your girls grow. Sorry the distance and hectic schedules kept us from hanging for so many years. Rest in peace bro.

  20. 😢 I am in such disbelief me ,my brother Danny and Mike went to Patrick Henry class of 1984 & 1985. He went on to Roosevelt and I went on to Alvernia and reconnected many years later thanks to Facebook.
    Rest easy, loved his spunk and his love for his country
    Rest easy my friend ♥️
    My condolences to your family
    Gosh bless….

  21. My partner in crime, my wonder twin. So fortunate to have met such an amazing friend. I will forever miss “office shenanigans” at that hell we met at .

  22. So sorry to hear this. He was a caring and loving man who always added humor to life. We all had lots of laughs and good times during those years on the Posse. He will be missed.

  23. Michael Noble was truly kind and genuine. I have nothing but great memories from RHS. Truly Rest In Peace my friend.

  24. ​Lori, Mike, and the girls moved into the new home across the street from Donna and me just months after we had moved into our home in New Braunfels. It seemed that from our first encounter, Mike and I became fast friends.

    ​It probably doesn’t need to be said, but you never had to wonder what Mike was thinking. If it was on his mind, then it was out of his mouth! Some folks probably found that wearisome, but I always found that refreshing. Whether in my home office or sitting out on one of our driveways, we would have candid conversations. It mattered not that we might disagree, for we knew our friendship was built on a solid foundation of many other mutual values.

    ​We would speak often of family. With few exceptions, when Mike and I visited the topic of family would arise. He was so proud of his girls and their involvement in various activities at school or church! Mike loved his girls and you! You know better than I, that he was a protective husband and father, and nothing pleased him more than to have all the girls at home under one roof! I reminded him often that we raise our children to launch into life! He would agree, but he didn’t have to like it.

    ​I consider it an honor that Mike thought of Donna and I as extended family. He told me on more than one occasion that he viewed me as a father figure. I know not what I did that prompted him to think of me with such esteem, but I did my very best to live up to such an expectation. I counted such to be privilege. In addition, he would always ask how Jamie and Kathy (our daughters), and Olivia (our granddaughter) were doing. He always marveled that when Olivia was visiting and would see him the front yard, she would walk over and give him a big hug! Oh, the wonder of life’s small treasures!

    Speaking of extended family, I would be remiss if I did not speak of his care for our pet menagerie! When Mike would come the house (it mattered not for the reason), he would sit on the floor and love on Dante, Scottie, Miss Patty, and Choco! With tails wagging, they would climb into his lap and give him kisses in exchange for belly rubs! Donna and I were always so grateful for the loving care he provided our pets when we were away.

    And what is family without food! Mike always loved any dish I made and shared, but he was particularly fond of my chili! When I would share other dishes, he would tell me he had to eat his serving first, for once the girls found out that I had shared a dish, it would be gone. He would tell me, “You cook it, my girls love it!”

    ​We would also speak of matters of faith. As an aged man, I have come to realize that faith can be somewhat of a messy matter. Both Mike and I often resembled the words of the Apostle Paul to the Roman church. The things I would do, I do not; but the things I hate are the very things I do. Lori, you and the girls are all too familiar with Mike’s struggles with his extended unemployment after your move to New Braunfels and personal health issues. He and I often spoke of such things and would pray. I would point him to his personal faith in Christ and trust in the unfailing mercies of God. On other occasions, he would recall some of his fondest memories in his church youth group. Fallen though we are, I have no doubts that faith in Christ had a profound impact in Mike’s life.

    ​Lori, Maddie, Katie, and Allie, as with your husband and Dad, I ask you rest in your personal faith in Christ and trust in the unfailing mercies of God that are renewed daily. The coming days will be difficult, but you are not alone. God bless you and keep you!

  25. Hello family and friends my name is Alice. I am Michael’s aunt. Mikey was my sister’s oldest son. When he was little he had the cutest curly hair. I remember Mikey always being involved in sports he loves collecting sports memorabilia if you had it he wanted to see it. He met Lori and she changed his whole world. You guys did a great job raising your young adults. Mikey was a family man. He loved being a proud dad of his kids. We will always miss him.
    He is now at rest with Brian Cathy and Chester in heaven. We want to keep the lines of communication open with the family and his family needs our support prayers and blessings. Rest In Peace. Michael Allan Noble. We love you.

  26. So I just want to share a couple of my favorite stories of Mike that I can share with a large group that’s somewhat PG. Mike and myself played softball and bowling together for many years before he moved down to Texas. One of our favorites that we always share from the bowling team is. I think everybody knows Mike’s love of food. When we were bowling. One of the other teams and Mike was always you know Mike. He’s friends with everybody he walks around hugs everybody gives them kisses. Now it’s up to the point of almost being inappropriate but it’s always done with love and always a smile and he’s the guy that you know if you’re down he’ll always find a way to cheer you up, make you smile, make you laugh. But the one time at bowling. We were at a table and the adjacent table next to us there was a gentleman named Jay or he thought it was Jay. Jay is a large stocky gentleman and he also had a new guy on this team that was also a large stocky gentleman with the same hair cut that had his back towards us. So Mike. Sees that Oh Jay has a plate of spaghetti with some garlic bread. Well if you know Mike he goes oh garlic bread. So he walks over there and he reaches over to this gentleman’s plate thinking that it’s Jay. Grabs a piece of garlic bread. And goes oh don’t mind if I do. Now knowing full well when he walked over there. Our table looked over there and saw Jay at the other side of the table. Knowing right I don’t think that’s Jay’s uh oh. Do we say anything? No we let it happen. As he reached over he grabbed a big mouthful of this gentleman’s garlic bread. Took a bite looked up looked Jay right in the eye. Looked back down. He goes oh my god you’re not Jay. At that point in time our whole table started laughing and along with Jay’s table. That’s the type of influence he had on everybody. Even though this gentleman didn’t know who the heck Mike was. Their table start laughing because they knew Mike. We knew Mike. We were all laughing. He laughed. Mike is just standing
    there apologizing as much as he possibly could. Knowing that that’s one of the things and that was a regular occurrence that Mike would do.

    One added story going with the bowling theme one of the other Mike’s that was on our team. he always on Tuesdays would bring home bare wings with sauce on the side for his wife. Well Mike’s wonderful idea was as they delivered the food everything sitting there. Mike Savino was in the bathroom. Mike Noble comes up to me Hey let’s let’s take all the sauces out of here. I’m sure Shannon will be really upset about that. I’m like Yeah Shannon’s gonna be really upset about that because you’re taking her sauces and you’re just giving her bare wings and we’ve already been told that the wings are to be properly cooked, with the proper sauce and delivered on time. Don’t dilly Dally after bowling. Get those wings home to Shannon. So he takes all the sauces out and hides them. Mike Savino grabs his wings. Says hey guys I got to go home. Takes off and goes home. Now we didn’t know the results to this actually until two days ago. But this was one of Noble’s and myself favorite stories that we always elaborated on what happened. Whether it was. He got home she was waiting there with you know if you ever see people that eat lobster have the bibs on with the big chicken wing on the front and we kind of said she was waiting with the fork and knife waiting for everything and then she just decided to lock him in a closet because no sauce. We’d do everything from human sacrifice to clean the bathroom with the toothbrush. We made up all sorts of stories of theirs and this is going back almost fifteen to twenty years that this happened. We made up every story on the face of the planet and just one of those stories that basically would bring both of us to tears laughing and that’s just how Michael is.

    Him and myself we talk and talk a few times a week even when he’s been down in Texas. I don’t know if anybody else could ever make me laugh as hard as he did and vice versa. We would just start talking and we’d both be in tears laughing on the phone. I don’t know how anything’s ever gonna replace that and I don’t think it ever will. So I really appreciate you giving me an opportunity to make this video and I hope the couple little stories make you smile and Lori asked if I can share some of the other stories that are non PG with her later on and hopefully I can. So thanks again for letting me share this.

  27. My name’s Jen McPeake and I met Mike probably about twenty five ish years ago. I just remember a lot of good times, a lot of fun, a lot of him being a stinker. For example one time he stole the antenna from my car and I had to drive forty five minutes one way to work without music for like a week and he wouldn’t give it back and he wouldn’t tell me he had it. Until finally I got it and somehow he had me laughing after a week of being so frustrated at him but it was always a good time. I know I remember doing of karaoke with him and he did a lot of Garth Brooks when the thunder rolls I think was probably his his big one. He always sounded good doing that and I know him and I would do Proud Mary together sometimes too. That was a lot of fun.
    I remember him coming by my store where I worked and so so excited One day to show me something and he had picked out the engagement ring for Lori and he was just. Through the roof like over the moon excited to propose to Lori. I also remember one time we made fun of him really bad because we were doing a poker night and with the crock pot Mike put the water, Lori you might remember this, underneath the crock pot as opposed to inside the bowl so I remember Lori coming home and saying Mike why is there water all over the counter. And everyone just laughed about it. Another really great memory I have is when Mike, Brian, Lori and Maddie were on their wedding when we got married and that was an awesome day and it was wonderful to be surrounded by your entire family and it just was a great great day. Mike I will always remember him as a fighter I know when he went through his first challenge just how much he thought to get back and just the joy that he had every time one of his children were born and how proud he was of that. Just his laugh like I say I can still hear his laugh and if he was he I’m sure he would be making fun of me for everything I’m saying and laughing at me again so. After he moved we kind of lost touch for a little bit and had a little bit of a falling out. I just really appreciated the fact that he reached out, made amends and he was just kind and you could see there was love in his heart and god was in his heart and I think his family helped him to be a better man and to live an honest life and to just be an amazing guy so. I miss him and thinking about the family and spending lots of love.

  28. Mike and I grew up together. He moved next door from the age of two to the age of eighteen. I always told Mike he was my whole childhood because every memory I have included him. We went to church together, youth group together, school together and he was always over for birthday parties, graduations, barbecues you name it. When the doorbell rang you knew Mike Noble is coming over. My brother Patrick and I played countless hours of board games, Atari, running basses. We would walk to Wally’s the corner store for pops. We would flag down Chicago cubs players when they would drive by. It was a really fun childhood. One of the things I’m really gonna miss about Mike is his teasing, his jesting, I’m gonna miss his nostalgia. He could remember things from the past that I would forget and I would say Mike you’re my connection to the past. You remind me of things that I have forgotten the details. I just love that. When I was through on the phone with Mike I would hang up thinking I had the most incredible childhood. He would take even.painful situations and he would put humor in it and beauty. It made me look at things from a different perspective. Just gonna miss him so much. I cherish him. He is like family to me and I just tried to make so many videos that I keep breaking down crying because he’s just a special special friend and I know all of you think that too. If you want to Patrick Henry, Gordon, Roosevelt or Grace church I know we’re all thinking about Mike and our special way and how he made us laugh and he made us all feel so special.

  29. Well I thought I’d share my story about Mike. Mike’s intention was to make everybody around him happy. Whether that meant poking fun at you or not. Mike’s intention was to smile. A very proud brother. Wow did he look after Brian. Mike liked to poke fun most at his dad Jimmy and he could get his dad pretty wound up at times, but it was all a lot of fun. A proud husband and father. With his loss he doesn’t want us to be sad. His intentions all along we’re to make you laugh and smile. I hope everybody can look at him that way because that’s how I looked at him. As goofy as he could be at times, you wondered why he didn’t take things more serious but it was serious to Mike. He just showed it in a different way and we’ll miss him.

  30. Mike was my boss here in Texas. He always started the important situations with a self depreciating joke, which I actually saw as vulnerable and uncommonly kind in the sterile corporate environment.

    The first time I met him at work, he was the only one to laugh at my joke. “Finally, somebody who I can be real with”, I thought. And it was a bad joke, so his courtesy laugh meant a lot that morning.

    He always said he was our team’s cheerleader, and he was. He was the best guy I knew at EA in Texas. No exaggeration. He used to say, “I’ll never get between a man and his money!” I still say that today. I love it.

    His stories about getting his truck submerged (?)always made me laugh, and he realized it, and told it to others when I was around.

    Then I left the company in Austin, and I was so nervous about quitting after six years. I finally wrote the letter. Of course, Mike only acted as friends do and gave me an amazing reply, and an offer to return anytime. It wasn’t the cold, awkward situation I dreaded. That’s Mike.

    I received the news late and it broke my heart, but I know Mike would be like, “Dude, shit happens. You’ll see. They have go-karts and golden toilets up here!”

    When covid hit hard, he went into the office and must have stayed there 12+ hours to make sure the folks working from home were able to come in and pick up their belongings. He never forgot a soul, or a name. In Texas, we’d say he’s a good old boy. But he’s amazing man, leader and mentor. I’ll never forget Mike. He made me a better person. And I know he’s looking down at us being so serious, so act accordingly.

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