Shirley Christine Counts

shirley counts
Shirley Counts was born on September 18, 1967 in Charleston, West Virginia. On July 1, 2020, Shirley passed away in her home in Spring Branch Texas, at the age of 52. Shirley was born to Stephen and Linda Counts. She was preceded in death by her husband Todd Renda. Shirley is survived by her parents Stephen and Linda Counts; her children Joshua, Jessica, and Justin Jenschke; grandchildren Hope, James, Lily, and Stephen; step-children Justin and Jimmy Renda; and sister Darlene Fitzpatrick. Shirley had so much love for her family, and welcomed friends with open arms. Shirley spent most of her adult life working in customer service, and also spent some time working in Montana for Yellowstone National Park. Shirley always wanted to travel and see more of the world. Family and friends gathered for a memorial service to honor Shirley on July 5, 2020. Shirley will be deeply missed by those who loved her, may she Rest In Peace.

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  1. I have so many child hood memories of Shirley coming down to San Antonio and her coming up to Ohio spending the summer with us love her very deeply and as long as my heart is beating she will never be forgotten love you my sweet cousin and rest in peace 🙏❤️

  2. Shirley was such a caring , loving person always there for her family. Her faith was so strong and I feel she is now reunited with Todd. We will all miss her so much. Love , Dan and Barb Renda and family

  3. Our dearest daughter Shirley, our heart is full of love for you and broken by our sudden loss of you. You have given us memories that will never fade and you lived to share your love of God and family to others. Our Love Forever, Dad and Mom❤️❤️

  4. Hey Steve and Linda This is Eddie David just showed me that Shirley had past away I’m very sorry to hear about that They say it comes in 3 Dec. 27 2019 my best friend had past away with throat cancer he was on his way down to see me be made it to Dayton Ohio too his wife sister house about a hour and a half away He told Karen that he was a little tired and laid his head down on her lap and took a breath and that was it he had past We had each other back in all kinds of things During the Iran crisis in the early 80s there was five tanks 101st airborne parachute it in and spend down we are approximately 3.9 miles away from them at the time they called in for help like I said we were 3.9 miles away and that took us was going to take us about 20 minutes to get there and they said will be gone in less than a minute we made it is closest to .9 miles away and we told him the light themselves up I was just early morning they let themselves up and we had our hours on it and we start seeing all these red dots Papa well we start shooting at all the red Dawson at that point we were 2.9 miles away we took out 24T 72 Sylvia thanks to Lawrence had a radiance hand when I was sitting down and we saved 101st airborne we’ve taken out 24 to 72 tanks in about 10 personnel carriers and we only had five tanks and five Bradley fighting vehicles and we had five attack helicopters we had a group of five in each things five tanks five PCs five Bradleys five helicopters 518 warthogs but we’re taking out just start tanks ourselves five of us five tankers to go 24 to 72 Russian Sylvia tanks and me and him went through a lot together and he passed away of cancer December 27 at 8:05 PM I am that broke my heart because the stuff we went through Some I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter passing it breaks my heart to hear about anybody and going anymore I had to heart failure was this past year and a half to go to past two years and I had two heart failures and the side effects were very good but I don’t like arguing fighting or anything it just really gets to me when I hear somebody passing anymore I am very sorry to hear about your daughter passing away me and David just start talking about a year ago maybe a little less been about a year ago I don’t associate with another family anymore because the way things are a lot I was just me because of what I’ve been soon seen and done I was diagnosed with With PTSD after my second heart failure in there so that stuff really bothers me anymore I wish we were little closer family because I don’t really have anybody anymore after 40 years Ruby decided she wanted to be single and we’re getting a divorce now I don’t know man what’s going on with that but she’s got a new set of friends and she’s been hanging out with them and told me I was the wrong call her and ask for a divorce so we’re in the middle of the divorce now after almost 41 years together and come October be 39 years married we were supposed to be married on my birthday 8 October but 9 October the day after my birthday because I was just coming back from the first Iran crisis and 39 years married in almost 41 years together she has got some new friends in there tell me I was the wrong call her and ask for a divorce so that’s about breaking my heart there is and to hear about your daughter passing there just that really bothers me anymore but seems like they’re coming in Thresa my buddy Steve just passed in December and a friend real close friend of mine‘s daddy just passed a few about a month ago now and I to hear about your daughter they say it comes in threes the doctors only gave me a few years ago because my hearts really bad and I’ve had so many major surgeries that they can’t do so hard serve really quiet My left shoulder from the elbow us a prosthetic now my right shoulder is held together what they call anchor bolts in the bottom back lower back has been fused together my stomach‘s been wired together with wire mash still have some shrine will let me and Marr stay fuse C-3 C-4 took out C5FUC6 in my neck together they had to go to the front of my throat them up to my back and I am leaving give me much help on anything ruby said that she didn’t want to take care of it more or less take care of a dead person so I’m by myself now I guess I’ll be that way the rest of my life but it is what it is our government made me what I am I know where I stand now like I said that the government made me want to what I am she went to leave me a few years back when I work for black water for year and she said I’ve never came home which I’m axing away but I don’t understand why I stuck by her years ago and she had a bad problem in there but he told me I should leave her then but I didn’t and I believe dinner in stock bar now that I’m sick she doesn’t want to stand by me she says she’s going to get her retirement coming up here a few years ago she wants to be able to do what she wants to do without being strapped down with a sick person so I know when I am and I want to government may mean I am what I am and I can’t be changedI never came home this past time for him but I didn’t see overseas us in a good part of life nothing the really bad part of life and I’ve done things that really bother me are 12-year-olds and 10-year-olds are playing soccer kickball on baseball stuff and overseas there are 12 and 13-year-old with a learn how to kill Americans with RPG’s you name it they’re learning how to do it and are taking ourThey had brownies out for us and everything but I came home she said that if I go back again that she was gonna leave me so at that point I was just getting sick and so I retired so I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter again and I stuff bothers me anymore if y’all ever feel like it you could reach out and call me at 502-641-5988 every nice to hear from somebody but again if y’all don’t I understand but I thought I sent that message and I condolences of your daughter passing I’m very sorry Steve linda I’ll talk to you later make your payments out bicycle

  5. Shirley, you’ve been a radiant light to all of our family, and we, all, love and miss you. You’re our little TX niece who was born in WV and always felt like WV was home, although you moved to TX very young. I have many wonderful memories of us talking, laughing, just having fun! You’re so beautiful inside and out. As a wonderful daughter, mother and grandmother (and niece), you’ve always shown your love for each of us. We never doubt your feelings, because they are real. With so many good friends also, hanging with you was always fun, knowing that you really enjoyed yourself and everyone around you. I wish you could have made one more trip to WV to stay with me for a while, and to visit all the aunts, uncles and cousins. I feel your spirit surrounding us. You are always and forever in my heart, and I will always love you. ❤️ Your Aunt Crickett

  6. Dear Shirley, today is 5/19/23. I just today found out that you had passed in your sleep. I will forever have you in my heart. You were always friendly to me and everyone and a very hard working Mom. You loved your kids and grandkids SOOO MUCH.
    I will miss your hilarious laugh and the times we visited. You inspired me to be like you and your kindness

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