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theodore nelson
Theodore (Ted) Edward Nelson, 73, passed away peacefully at home in New Braunfels, TX on February 12, 2023. Ted’s devotion to his loved ones and faith in God supported him during the tragic battle with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Ted’s family honored his wishes so he could be happy, comfortable, and cared for at home until he was embraced in the arms of Jesus. Ted was born in San Pedro, CA on May 17, 1949. His most shared experiences were family memories and achievements in baseball, football, and dance. Ted’s earliest athletic accomplishment was in little league baseball. During high school years, he transitioned to become a drafting level football player. Although Ted excelled in football, his disciplined and motivated spirit lead him to follow his true passion, dance. He developed into a professional ballet dancer and traveled the world dancing for the Joffrey ballet. He starred in numerous shows and positively impacted the lives of many with his expertise. Later in his performing years, Ted met the love of his life, Janis Harrington who became his wife and the mother of his two children, Joseph Nelson, and Audrina Cauley (Nelson). Sadly, Janis passed away in 2003 after a strenuous fight against cancer. Ted continued to be the optimistic and courageous father he was from the start and raised his two children with compassion and love as a single parent. In Ted’s recent years, he was called to open Ted’s Total Nutrition and Fitness where he offered healthy lifestyle guidance, taught dance, instructed fitness classes and helped those in need until God called him home. Ted was blessed with a close family and a village of dear friends. He was a faithful servant that lived as an angel on earth. Those who crossed his path remember him most by his warm hugs, vivacious laugh, encouraging nature, kind spirit, and irreplaceable advice. Ted’s children consider him their greatest support system, number one fan, and their best friend. Ted is survived by his son Joseph Nelson (daughter-in-law Teri), daughter Audrina Nelson Cauley (son-in-law Don), grandchildren Charlotte, Aiden and Bailey, lifelong best friend Bob Randall, and a community of friends who were considered family. The Celebration of Life will take place at Freedom Fellowship Church in New Braunfels, TX on March 7, 2023, beginning at 11 AM and officiated by Pastor Dennis Gallaher. Flower donations can be sent to the church for the day of the service. Matthew 25:23 - Well done, good and faithful servant.

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  1. So very thankful to have been spoken into by this man who loved the Lord, did Bible studies with, worked out with, shared stories with, laughed with, prayed with, learned what it meant to persevere no matter what life throws at you, said what needed to be said even if I didn’t want to hear it, challenge me to be a better man of God, witnessed how to love others no matter where they are in life, genuinely care, and serve those he came in touch with whether it be once or for many years. Will miss your random text saying hello and praying for me/us. Ted I know you are whole again with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in heaven. And until we meet again enjoy dancing and worshiping in heaven. A life well lived my friend. Thank you for loving the Stevens Clan.

  2. Daddy I love and miss you more then I could ever describe 😭. You were the best daddy – so supportive, loving, caring and selfless. Life will not be the same without you Teddy Bear 🧸. Sending lots of love and hugs to Heaven. Your special of specials loves you forever.

  3. Ted was San Pedro City Ballet’s angel. He was my mentor and friend. He was a most wonderful dancer and ballet teacher. He had a gift for teaching as he cared dearly for every student and all students loved him. He insisted that we find a building to purchase in order to ensure the future of our ballet company. He found a real estate agent to help and in a town where it’s nearly impossible to buy commercial property, it became a reality. We often reflect on the fact that Ted gave San Pedro Ballet longevity because we had a home. As a result, we were able to touch the lives of thousands of children in the last 30 years. Ted was always supportive, loving and compassionate. He was a great listener and had so many wonderful stories to tell. He will be missed terribly but his memory will be passed on to many generations of young dancers and he will forever live in our hearts.

  4. I will always remember my friend, Ted, as a warm, kind, thoughtful, giving, and encouraging soul. Thank you, Ted, for all the great times of laughter that your family and mine shared together! You live on in our minds and hearts that are full of great memories.

    Tina Arnold

  5. Ted and Janis were both cherished friends sharing our love for the art of dance and most importantly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I remember when we began going to Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas and growing in our faith. They both had generous kind hearts. They will always have a special place in my heart and look forward to reuniting with them in eternity.
    ~Debra Applegate Gitto

  6. Ted, you were a cherished friend and brother in Christ. You encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle and I always enjoyed your ballet barre classes before our shows began. You had a generous heart to all. I am looking forward to the day I will be reunited with both you and Janis in eternity!

    Love always and forever,

  7. We knew Teddy from the 1960s. Call’s Ballroom studio in Long Beach, CA where we all began our dance training. A few of us decided to make a life in the very uncertain area of dance. Our paths crossed many times over the years including church times. Teddy was an energetic positive man whose smile would brighten any gathering. We are saddened by his passing but know we will see him in Heaven. From old California friends we say so long Teddy and see you soon. Dennon and Sayhber Rawles

  8. I still remember the first time I met Ted at the gym. My son Squat was training with him and introduced us. Squat said mom Ted can help you with the pain your having. From that day forward Ted became family. From the training at the gym to the massages and stretches at his house. I even brought my mom and dad to him for massages.

    During a difficult time in my life he said lets pray before we start our workout and he had me in tears. Tears were from his kind words and true friendship.

    Thank you Ted ❤️ you will always have a special place in my heart.

  9. I will always remember Ted’s devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, his love for his family and his willingness to help so many with fitness and nutrition, dance, addiction or their walk with the Lord.
    I once asked him what was I going to do when he was gone. His smiling response was “The Holy Spirit will still be here.”
    He saw value in others and encouraged many. I thank God for bringing us together.

  10. Q: How did you meet Theodore?

    A: Emily and I met Ted when he walked into our Wellness Clinic in downtown New Braunfels. We were very impressed with his knowledge of health and nutrition. Eventually, Ted worked with us, and he was a great asset to our company. When we closed the store and moved to Round Rock, Ted moved his customers into his home and continued his quest to improve their life with exercise and correct eating habits.

    Ted continued to be a great friend and brother in Christ to us for many years. He was very loving and brought joy to everyone who knew him.

  11. I am one who met Ted over a decade ago in seach of the nutrition advice and health supplements. What he offered in the way of healing was graced with compassion and love of Jesus Christ.
    He blessed me and prayed with and for me and my marriage and family.

    In my younger days I too was a ballet dancer – on a scholarship from the San Fransisco Ballet school. Now I live in WA state caring for my mother. May Gods healing rays comfort your family. I bet you are dancing now with your wife – and enjoying a painfree life with our Lord. Till we see you again – Peace dear friend.

  12. Mr. Ted changed the lives of so many of our dancers and teachers. And I am not speaking just technique. We are forever changed because of him.

  13. In my 90 years of having lived all over the world I have never known a more loving and compassionate person in all walks of his most complex life than Ted Nelson. A product of WWII, California, and two eclectic parents Ted navigated the sports and dance world early on. After being with the Joffrey Ballet for several very successful seasons, he told Joffrey he needed to take leave to take care of one of his ailing parents. Joffrey told him to take a “hike and Ted did that quickly. He dearly loved them and Ted followed that pattern throughout life. Always somebody else, not me. Ted was left wealthy by his Mother’s astute real estate skills and father’s financial prowess learned in the military. Eventually Ted gave it all away to charity. I did not know Janis, but only of his love for her and the children they gave us. Others have testified to his love for Jesus Christ and it was evidence in our relationship. Ted, I don’t anybody who could have navigated the past seventy years better than you.

  14. I will never forget Ted. I was his Realtor for many years and met most of his family at some point . He was such a genuine person and so caring for others. He would call me often just to share a bible verse and to pray. I Will never forget that. It always helped refocus my day on what was most important. Thank you Ted.
    With Deepest Regards to his family,
    Becky Wood

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